Every woman has a name!

En av de absolut finaste låtar jag någonsin har hört! Så sorglig!

You were so beautiful
Like a child, young and full of life
Seems a hundred years ago
You saw everything
So much more tragedy than good
You even watched the world grow cold

And even when your world was shakin'
Even when your breath was taken
Even when your blue eyes turned to gray

Small town debutantes and queens
Every woman has a name
Cocktail waitresses with dreams
Every woman has a name
And every girl whose love survives
A broken heart to stay alive
You signed your picture in the frame
Every woman has a name


Housewives cryin' on the phone
Every woman has a name
Sacred sisters all alone
Every woman has a name
And even on the coldest day
When the kids are gone, moved away
It's lonely now
There's no one there to hold your hand
And play

See it written on the grave
Every woman has a name

Jag kan se så många av mina familjemedlemmar i texten - död eller levande. Låten borde i min värld heta "Every human has a name" men den handlar egentligen om kvinnor som blir misshandlade av sina män. Men jag kan se en helt annan innebörd i låten från mitt eget perspektiv.


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